AO Sept Plus Value Pack


AO Sept Plus Value Pack
This Value pack contains 2 x 360ml and 1 x 90ml bottles of AOSEPT solutions, 3 cups containing AODISCs.
AOSEPT is a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfecting solution that is ideal for contact lens wearers who are heavy depositors or have sensitivities to preservatives found in multi-purpose solutions.  The hydrogen  peroxide kills the bugs and the AODISC turns the hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water, leaving pure saline after 6 hours.  The lenses can then be inserted directly into the eyes.
Note:  Never rinse the lenses with AOSEPT solution after neutralization as the hydrogen peroxide will sting your eyes.   Use of a separate cleaner before disinfection may cause foaming as residual cleaner will form a foam with the oxygen bubbles when the hydrogen peroxide is neutralized.  This can cause the solution to overflow from the case.

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