Freshlook Dimensions 6 pack (of the same color and power)


Freshlook Dimensions 6 pack (of the same color and power)
6 lenses of same power so if you have different scripts in each eye and want a 6 pack for each eye then you need 2 boxes in quantity
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Enhance light eyes – Makes eyes look bigger and brighter.

Breakthrough enhancer in natural looking transparent shades with a unique charcoal starburst pattern that makes your eyes look bigger and brighter Unique among enhancing contact lenses, FreshLook Dimensions combines a charcoal outer starburst pattern to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, with a primary colour pattern that adds depth and dimension. The feathered pattern around the iris blends with your natural eye colour.

Base Curve: Median
Diameter: 14.5
Centre Thickness: 0.08
Water Content: 55%
Mode of wear: 2 Weekly
Pack size: 2 Pack (Plano) & 6 Pack
Colours Available: Pacific Blue, Sea Green and Caribbean Aqua
Power Range: +6.00 to -8.00 in 0.25 steps
and plano

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